Smoky Mountain Air Charter

Details & Pricing

Our rates are the same regardless of the number of passengers as long as weights are within aircraft loading and balance limits.

We will provide you a price estimate that will be made up of the base rate for your flight, fuel and pilot, add-ons such as pilot wait time, airport fees, overnight fees, additional pilot fees, etc are in addition to base rate.

Base Rate: This pays for one pilot and your flight and fuel not including and applicable airport fees.
  • Our current base rate is $650/hr to $750/hr depending upon current fuel prices.
Fuel and Airport Fees:
  • Fuel prices vary by location, but currently average from $4.50 - $7.50/gallon. An estimate will be provided to you, although final billing will be based upon actual fuel required and actual fuel prices paid. Typically, any difference in the estimate provided and the actual fuel usage/price is minimal.
  • Some airports have additional fees such as landing fees, ramp fees, or tie down fees. We will strive to determine if any of these fees are applicable prior to providing an estimate. These fees must be paid in addition to the base rate and fuel cost, if applicable. 
  • Pilot Wait TimeOur hourly rate for pilot wait time is $50/hr. 
  • Overnight Travel: Overnight travel will be quoted based upon the destination. We will be happy to provide a quote based upon your trip specifics. 
Payment Options:
  • We accept cash, certified checks, direct deposit and all major credit cards. 
  • There is a 3.75% transaction fee for credit card charges. 
  • A 100% trip deposit is required to schedule a charter trip.
  • Trip deposits are 100% refundable if cancelled within seven days of scheduled departure time. A 20% cancellation fee is incurred if the scheduled trip is cancelled within seven days of the departure date, however the 20% is credited if a new trip is completed within 6 months of the cancelled trip date.
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